Yahoo Life: Meet Jeremy Carr, Also Known as King JBoi…
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King JBoi on South Beach

Yahoo Life: Meet Jeremy Carr, Also Known as King JBoi…

There is something to be said of someone who makes it their business to positively impact the world and bring value to the lives of others. King JBoi, whose real name is Jeremy Carr, has proven to be a powerhouse in every arena he enters, which is no easy feat coming from the kind of inner-city poverty found in Memphis, Tn. Standing at six feet five inches tall, you could say it’s the athletic advantage that gives him a competitive edge, but that would be to discount his ability to overcome immense adversity and his insatiable appetite for education.

Dominating in collegiate basketball, he completed his Bachelor’s degree and later obtained his Master’s in Sports Administration while continuing to develop his artistic craft, contribute to his community, and build his brands. Now, at 32, he is a proud father, growing public figure, rap & hip-hop artist, active investor, humanitarian, and successful businessman.

A toy piano that he received as a toddler, ignited an interest in music in him that would eventually become the catalyst to his efforts in navigating the music industry. At 20 years old, after a knee injury in college, he began to focus his energy on the business of music where he was introduced to principles like networking, branding, marketing, and investments. Which would later prove to be useful in other areas of business well beyond the music industry. Since then, he has launched several businesses, mentored inspired artists and business owners, invested in real estate, and recently launched a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization for young disadvantaged athletes. With his nonprofit organization and passion for athletics, JBoi supports young athletes by partnering with schools and youth programs such as the Memphis Grizzles’ Youth Basketball Camps. Adversity is no stranger to him and to put it plainly, athletics saved his life. He intends to provide others with the same opportunities.

After losing his mother in August of 2020, JBoi released a tribute song on his birthday, October 20th, called “Mama’s Babyboy” where he reveals his vulnerability in expressing his grief. Despite all, he truly believes that remembering purpose is the best way to overcome pain and adversity. He explains that he stays focused by escaping the idea of “self” and remembering that we exist for the greater good of all.

Ultimately, it seems that King JBoi or Jeremy Carr’s selfless mentality is what has helped him to become the successful artist, father, businessman, and community leader that he is today. Greatness isn’t measured in feet, or inches but instead in your efforts to positively influence others and the environment around you. Many set out to accomplish greatness, but very few succeed in their own lifetime.

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